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4 Life Lessons Plants Teach Humans

Plants have lived on this earth for much longer than humans; not only do they keep us healthy, but they are also here to teach us some of life's most important lessons.

Lesson 1: Patience and steady effort are required to create amazing things.

How long do you think it takes an apple tree to create its first apple? The answer is anywhere between 5 and 10 years! Fruit trees of all kinds require many years of growth and connection with their environment to become fruitful. This lesson teaches us that the sweet and amazing parts of life take time and steady effort to manifest into our reality. Have patience and keep developing yourself. You will get to where you wish to go.

Lesson 2: Always adapt to challenges.

Plants experience difficult situations throughout their life including droughts, floods, infections, and extreme temperatures. They always embrace difficulty and get past the challenge by adapting. Life as we know it can often be tough; we experience too much, too little, illness, and a plethora of extreme circumstances. Like plants, human strength comes from facing and adapting to challenges set for us to make us stronger. The goal of these challenges is to help us grow in our perspective just as a plant grows higher above the ground.

Lesson 3: Consistently make a positive impact on your environment.

Mature plants help develop and energize their environment in as many ways that they possibly can, most of the time supporting the roots of neighboring plants and passing along any resource needed by another species. This lesson teaches humans that to live the healthiest life, you must consistently act on opportunities that advance your environment.

Lesson 4: Create valuable and productive relationships.

Trees strengthen and aid one another by connecting their roots so they can support each other whenever needed. This bond formed by trees enables them to live longer and healthier lives. If a tree starts to become ill, the neighboring trees will pass nutrients to the tree to heal as quickly as possible. This lesson teaches us the importance of connecting with the people around us. You can connect with each person that enters your environment through your shared experience with one another. This action strengthens each of you and enables you to connect with the world as you know it. In our modern days of the internet and social networking, it is important to remember the health benefits of connecting with the people you encounter throughout each day.