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Arielle Gonzalez

Arielle is passionate about creating global environmental & social sustainability strategies through her foundation, "Healers of Mankind." She utilizes sound healing, movement, & energy work to help raise the collective consciousness.

Weave Poncho

Weave owns and operates a sustainable fashion brand called The Ancient Youth. All of his garments are made using recycled textiles and materials.


Murray connects investors and crowdfunding platforms with communities in South Africa which effectively empowers people to eat healthier and obtain electricity from solar panels. He plans on creating his own platform that allows anyone to invest in communities.


Christina is the founder of Mothers For Change, a non profit organization that provides health resources and  supplies to single mothers.


Caliph is helping to improve the mental health of black and immigrant communities through his non profit organization, Safe+.

Tyler Boden

Tyler develops solar + storage projects for those looking to reduce their energy costs and their carbon impact. In his free time, he works with various non-profits to advance the effort of building sustainable communities so we can leave the world better than we found it.